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Accelerating Economic Development

What we do

Coalign Group consults with developers and municipalities to facilitate and accelerate development projects. We provide guidance on tax credits, land acquisition and development, and economic development initiatives and incentives for housing, commercial development, public/private partnerships and industry attraction.

Our Services Include


Developers and Land Owners

Coalign helps developers and land owners save time and money by cutting through red tape, identifying additional resources, making introductions, and providing advice and best practices.



Coalign provides advice on economic development strategies, policies and incentives to spur the types of development and job creation activities that will be of highest value to your community.

Featured Post

From Closing Deals to Building Families: Why Oklahoma City could benefit from converting empty office space to residential units.

The Metropolitan Oklahoma City population has grown approximately 3% since 2020 according to At the same time, there is nearly a 25% vacancy in office spaces in Oklahoma City. This paradox has opened the city up to an idea that has been sweeping the post-pandemic nation... 

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